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Where does Self Sabotage and Unconscious Toxic Patterns come from?

“As long as I keep myself small I will be safe…”
After a powerful week of breakthroughs and wins with my clients, I’m reminded of the incredible power of transformation. From uncovering subconscious programming and labels around money and success, to learning how to identify and change patterns that have been holding us back, I’m in awe of the journey we can take to create a new story for ourselves.

Let me share with you some of the highlights of this week and the lessons I’ve learned

⁃ “As long as I keep myself small I will be safe” Sometimes we will sabotage our professional goals because we are afraid of success, not failure. If you experience tension and conflict around Money and career as a child you might have established a toxic label with your profession: “Success brings separation”, “Money brings conflict” … These are some examples of subconscious programming and labels around Money and success that WILL determine your actions, how much you risk, what opportunities you bring, and ultimately your results, how much you allow yourself to grow and achieve. Remember: THIS IS COMPLETELY UNCONSCIOUS BEHAVIOR! Not in your control unless you heal it.

What to do? IDENTIFY… how do you FEEL around money and success? Visualize how much Money you want to make and your ultimate professional goal and PAY ATTENTION to how do you feel?:
Is it uncomfortable?? Sadness? Disgust? Fear? How does your body feel? Make sure that you know what FEELING you have around this and how does it manifest in your BODY (sensation, texture)

Once you are able to identify it… now take a time travel trip: WHEN HAVE YOU FELT THIS BEFORE? What does it remind you of? Finding the source of this feeling will give you a lot of perspective of what patterns you might be repeating unconsciously and will allow you to have the power to CHANGE it! To write a new story!
Remember: you can’t change something you are not aware of!

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