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"Silence will echo, up until the moment you choose to be LOUD​" -Adrianna Foster

About Me:

As a seasoned speaker, and the first internationally recognized Motivational Singer, I am dedicated to inspiring audiences to rediscover their voice and embrace their authentic selves. My mission is to empower individuals to live boldly, speak their truths, and lead lives filled with authenticity and purpose.

With over 24 years of experience on stage, I’ve honed my ability to connect deeply with diverse audiences, making their dreams feel tangible and their voices heard. The stage is where I shine brightest, aligning with my true self to inspire others to live authentically and freely. Let me empower your event with my unique ability to captivate crowds and ignite lasting change.

At the core of my work lies a profound belief: the narratives we tell ourselves shapes our reality.
With over two decades of experience, I have dedicated myself to guiding individuals and organizations towards a path of empowerment and authenticity.

I  offer two distinct services:
keynote speaker/facilitator and Keynote Singer.

In both I leverage my extensive experience as a speaker, facilitator, and entertainer to create an unforgettable environment that deeply resonates with audiences.

By seamlessly blending these elements, I ensure your event stands out and leaves a lasting impact on every attendee.


Here are four compelling reasons to consider hiring me as your keynote Speaker / Singer:
Vast Experience

With over 24 years of experience performing on stages worldwide, I have managed crowds of up to 10,000 people and have spoken on over 100 stages across different countries.

Unique Skill Set

As one of the few bilingual motivational speakers who seamlessly merges motivation with music, I possess the rare ability to both sing and speak professionally, creating an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Extensive Training

I have invested over $100,000 in my personal development and emotional education, holding certifications in clinical hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and human development. This expertise allows me to deeply connect with audiences on a profound level.

Cultural Versatility

As a proud Mexican Latina living in the United States, I am fluent in both English and Spanish, enabling me to seamlessly connect with diverse audiences and enhance the inclusivity of your event.

Keynote Speaker:

As a seasoned speaker, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise honed through countless engagements with corporations and transformative events.

Expertise: Over 24 years of captivating corporate audiences with transformative insights.
Topics: Deliver powerful keynotes on inspiration, Transformation, resilience and authenticity. 
Approach: Fuse dynamic lectures, Experiential and immersive practices for tangible results.
Mission: Empower individuals and organizations to thrive authentically and purposefully.
Results: Shed limiting beliefs, enhance productivity, and foster a culture of empowerment.
Impact: Transform your team’s mindset, productivity, and bottom line.

Keynote Singer:

I believe deeply in the transformative power of music to inspire creativity, authenticity, and freedom. Through a seamless fusion of words and music, I specialize in delivering impactful keynote talks, setting the tone for conferences and events with a captivating blend of music and motivational discourse.

Music connects deeply: It taps into emotions and resonates on a profound level, creating a strong bond with the audience.
Enhanced message delivery: When combined with music, speaking becomes more impactful, allowing for a more memorable delivery of messages or calls to action.
Emotional resonance: Music evokes emotions, creating a powerful experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees.
Creating an immersive environment: By blending music with speaking, you transform the event into an experience, engaging the audience on multiple levels and leaving them with a sense of connection and fulfillment.

Group Immersions

As a seasoned workshop facilitator, I specialize in crafting immersive experiences that foster personal growth and transformation.

Expertise: Specializing in diverse topics such as personal growth and team dynamics.

Approach: Utilizing experiential techniques to foster emotional exploration and growth.

Mission: Empowering individuals to unlock their potential and build authentic connections.

Results: Participants gain insights and practical tools for personal and professional success.

Impact: Transforming individuals and teams, fostering a culture of growth.

Some of my Achievements I am so Proud of

24 years

I am a Motivational Speaker and singer with 24 years of experience in the business.

10+ countries

I have clients all over the world. United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Australia, etc.


I have more than 4 million listeners in streaming platforms life spotify and Itunes.

100+ stages

I have spoken and sang in more than 100 stages all over the world.


I have helped and inspired thousands of people with my music, courses, hypnosis sessions and motivational talks.


I have more than 6 million views and listeners in my Youtube channel.

Clients that trust me:


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