Find your Voice. Remember it's power. Be LOUD with it... And the rest will unfold.

Authentic Self Expression Trainer
Motivational Singer and Speaker
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Adrianna Foster, celebrated as the first internationally recognized motivational singer, is dedicated to teaching one core value: “AUTHENTICITY”. Through her healing and transformative work, she has positively impacted thousands of individuals. Her journey exemplifies resilience and strength, equipping her with the tools and qualities to touch hearts, transform lives, and inspire countless others to realize their full potential.

My name is Adrianna Foster.

Repeat after me: I get to take up space and my voice matters.

I am a LOUD Woman who fosters purpose, creativity and joy so others can break through.

That is the heart of my message. I’m on a mission to activate people’s purpose, creativity, and truth. Your truth.

I am here to support you in connecting to the most important voice you needed to disconnect from in order to survive: your own. I am here to teach you how to live your life authentically, being free, being LOUD.

If you want an authentic, fulfilled life, you need the courage to step out of the old way of living: outdated relationships, fear-based beliefs, unhealthy patterns. Look – I get how daunting and overwhelming it is to step out of what you’ve known in pursuit of a vision, a vision that’s not tangible. It isn’t easy – it’s messy and it’s disorienting. Your mind tells you it’s not possible. Your heart tells you it is. My commitment is to walk alongside you in this journey to reclaim your voice, activate your soul purpose, and foster sustainable joy.

If you desire someone who sees you and can intuitively guide you in this intimate journey, I would be honored to support you.

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A little bit about my story…

I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and life gave me the opportunity to find my passion and start my journey of serving through it from a very young age. I moved to Miami, FL, when I was 13 years old, and devoted my life to my singing career. Little did I know that life would guide me into several challenges that would test both my faith in myself and others, as well as my inner strength and resilience. I battled chronic depression and anxiety for many years, and when I was 18 years old, I tried to commit suicide. This was the beginning of the end… the end of my silence and the beginning of my LOUD journey. After choosing to LIVE, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing that brought me so much wisdom, understanding of myself, and exposed me to wonderful self-development and transformational techniques that enamored me. That was when I discovered that I was more than a singer; I was a passionate human with a mission to inspire others to reach their potential. Through my years of healing, I reconnected more and more with my authentic voice and found my true calling. As a proud Latina living in the United States, I have devoted my life for more than 24 years to inspire others to break their silence, heal their wounds, and find their true voice. I sing, I speak, I transform lives, but more than anything, I LOVE… Fiercely…Uncondtionally… LOUDLY!

Some of my Achievements I am so Proud of:

23 years

I am a Motivational Singer with 24 years of experience in the music and entertainment business.

10+ countries

I have clients all over the world. United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Australia, etc.

10 years

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist with 10 years of experience working with personal development and human behaviors.

2 times

I have been a finalist on the reality show "La Voz" twice! once in US and the second one in Mexico.


I have helped and inspired thousands of people with my music, courses, hypnosis sessions and motivational talks.


I have more than 6 million views and listeners in both my Youtube and Spotify channel.


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