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LOUD Women of the Month

The LOUD Woman of the Month is a group of powerful and influential women who have come together to advocate for living life to the fullest with authenticity. 

These women have a passion for personal growth and have overcome their own struggles to reach a place of stability and resilience. They understand the importance of community and support in helping women reach their full potential. The LOUD Women of the Month was instrumental in my journey to creating this platform and they are committed to supporting the women of our nation to live LOUD in their full authenticity. These women are not only leaders in their own lives, but also in their communities, and they are dedicated to empowering and uplifting other women on their journeys. 

It is my honor to call these women not just mentors and friends, but sisters in the journey of Authenticity. 

Jill Levine

Professional Coach

Jill Levine is a certified professional coach with additional coaching certifications in wellbeing and transitions, an iPEC-trained Energy Leadership Index master practitioner, a dowser/energy worker, an intuitive guide, and a writer. She helps support clients as they progress through life changes, big and small, amplifies healing and helps release energy, limiting beliefs, stuck/stagnant emotion and negativity through dowsing.
She weaves together coaching principles and iPEC energy concepts with Divine Guidance, intuition and dowsing to create a blend of coaching that is infused with magic and uniquely her own. She's a wife, mom, bonus mom and labradoodle lover who enjoys meditation, channeling, yoga, teaching Body Balance, paddle boarding, living in Colorado and traveling.
Loud Women Nation Statement: Being LOUD means speaking my truth, even when it feels scary or uncomfortable.
I practice it by being brave, removing old energetic cords from my throat chakra, and trusting that what waits for me on the other side of my truth speaking is worth the risk. Each time I step forward and speak (right time, right place), magic follows.
My desire for other women is to find faith in themselves, courage in their voices and to feel safe in their lives so that they may be LOUD.

"Women liberating themselves, being LOUD together can be a force stronger than anything else in the world.


Are you ready to unlock your full potential? 

Are you ready to reclaim your identity and raise your authentic voice?

Are you ready to be LOUD?

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