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If I could summarize my life expreience and lessons while building the career of my dreams…

I would explain in in these 4 points:
I am an Authenticity Architect, and I love to provide people with the power toos required to build the life they truly desire, based on authenticity and where they can break their silence, reclaim their voice and learn how to be LOUD!.
A lot of times my clients ask me for specific points when it comes to building the life and business of their dreams. If I could summarize my experience and lessons learned throughout my life, I would explain in in these 4 points.
Your past doesn’t define you 
Whatever challenges, obstacles or failures you’ve encountered in the past do not have to be part of your future. When we fear re-creating the past, our subconscious minds try to do everything possible to keep us safe. If you haven’t healed your past, there may be a part of you that is caught in self sabotage or creating circumstances that get in the way of your success no matter how much effort you make. The first step is to identify the beliefs taking you off track so you can set your aim on the right course. 
Your purpose is not an action 
So often we get caught up in the “doing” of what we think our purpose is. We try to fit our purpose in a box and bring it into the world through one thing. For me that was my singing career. I thought singing was my one true calling and had a narrow view of how it could come into the world. Your purpose is your essence, or soul identity. It’s all the ways you authentically express yourself. Your purpose is the bigger mission you have in this world. My purpose is to help others see their core truth which comes in the form of singing, speaking, writing, hypnotherapy–and more!
We grow as much as we create capacity for 
Have you ever noticed how most plants will grow according to the size of the pot you put them in? The same is true for our businesses. You will grow as much as you create the space to do so. This is why it’s so important to create a container that will hold your expansion. Often, the container needs to be created first before the growth occurs. I’ll show you how to do this by rewriting your beliefs, healing any wounds that may be keeping you small and removing anything in your energetic space that holds you back. 
Money is the result of alignment 
The biggest thing entrepreneurs face when starting out or growing their business is how to monetize their passion. This is where many hire coaches, attend workshops and try to replicate formulas and templates that promise success. Creating a business that reflects your soul identity is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your business won’t look like anyone else’s and that’s OK! Instead of focusing on external output make sure you create a roadmap for aligning your purpose, passion, talents, profession and actions to create the financial results you desire.

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