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From Fear to Freedom: How losing everything led me to my truth.

Right in the middle between stillness and noise, I found my peace and my true voice.
My REBIRTH process began when I lost my voice and lost everything.

Then, I discovered myself.

The voice of fear in our heads often prevent us from achieving our goals, trusting ourselves, and living the life we want. For years, my mind was filled with these voices, with noise that drowned out my desires, dreams, and decisions. I used to think I had to fight these internal voices, until I realized they were my greatest teachers, my map for true transformation.

These voices reflected my repressed desires and biggest dreams that were trapped in layers of fear and wounded emotions that transformed into irrational beliefs. These voices were the connection to my true self, the one that knew I could achieve anything I wanted. I decided to acknowledge these voices, honor them, and listen to them. I found a place in my mind where I lived, before the fears, before the thoughts, before the noise, it was just ME.

Right in the middle between stillness and noise, I found my peace and my true voice.
And then I took “Ownership”.

TODAY I am my own voice! I choose what belongs in my head (most of the time) and if these voices appear again, I choose to honor them and let them go because I understand their purpose and know they no longer serve me, not for this new me, this new life.

Being reborn is reconnecting with your voice and remembering who you really are.

I encourage you to find that place within you, where you can quiet your mind, reconnect with your true self, and recover your own voice. I know from experience that this is a day-by-day process where patience and determination are key. But if you quiet the noise in your head and enjoy the sound of your truth, you will be able to listen.
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