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From Chasing Dreams to Finding Success: How Quitting the Race Led to My REBIRTH.

By generating small, personal results, I could build a huge result that would eventually make my dream a reality.
For many years, I felt a tremendous pressure to generate results in my life – in my goals, career, personal aspirations, and dreams. I worked tirelessly to achieve these results, always searching for a strategy to make them a reality. I lived in constant anticipation, waiting for that phone call, email, client, or big break that would make my dream come true. But despite my efforts, I was always left feeling disappointed, frustrated, and like a failure.

One day, I reached my breaking point and decided to quit. I couldn’t bear living my life waiting for something that seemed unattainable. Life was passing me by and I was chasing a future that was always just out of reach.

That day, I looked up at the clear blue sky and said, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m done chasing, I’m done looking, I’m done.” It was then that I realized that the big picture is made up of many small drawings that require our full attention and detail.

Quitting was the best decision I ever made. It allowed me to understand that in order to find true happiness and success, I needed to stop searching and start finding. I was no longer living in the future and could focus on the present. I paid attention to myself, my surroundings, and learned what I truly wanted, who I was, what I liked, my values, and my interests.

For years, I had been running in a race that prevented me from living my life and paying attention to myself. The exhaustion I felt was a result of my lack of presence and support. I had not been my own priority, as the race had always come first.

But when I quit, I realized that by generating small, personal results, I could build a huge result that would eventually make my dream a reality. I understood that the dream I had been chasing was an illusion that was preventing me from discovering my true capacity for creation – my daily presence, effort, and focus.

If you’re like me, you may be searching for the big picture and the right strategy to manifest it, focusing on generating great results and trying to get there. But remember, all of these things work when applied on a smaller scale. Make your daily happiness a priority, make yourself feel successful and productive by living in the present and paying attention to the little details of your life. Create a strategy for your peace of mind and take that first step towards your dream, no matter how small it may be.

I encourage you to notice the flowers on the street, the colors of the walls around you, the sound of the wind, and the smell of fresh coffee. Celebrate your little daily wins, like being patient with your kids, smiling throughout the day, or taking that first step towards your dream. Remember, the big picture will eventually be created organically as you celebrate and make your life your big result.
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